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Grand Rapids Police Department Selects TRACView
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Published 2/5/2006

Grand Rapids, Mich. February 5, 2006 – TRACView ( has been selected by Grand Rapids Police Department, Michigan, to handle their online accident report processing. With a population of almost 200,000 citizens, selling accident reports online offers a lot of advantages. One major difference is the workload reduction on the records staff who have traditionally had to process accident report requests though the mail.

    "TRACView has been very easy to use and the technical support has been excellent. The report is right there when you need it and the customer is serviced in an expedient and efficient manner. Keep up the good service." E. Torres, Grand Rapids Police Department

TRACView's crash report system is free to qualified law enforcement agencies. Member agencies receive software that allows them to securely send the reports to TRACView for processing. Upon submission, reports are indexed by human eyes during data entry. All car accident reports are available for purchase by consumers and by insurance companies within 24 hrs of being sent to TRACView.

Not only is TRACView's crash report system free, but law enforcement agencies keep their current revenues from selling a car accident report. Insurance companies purchase reports at the law enforcement agency's price plus a small TRACView convenience fee. Departments receive a monthly reimbursement check for every car accident report purchased online through TRACView. Rather than individually requesting reports, issuing multiple checks, and then waiting for reports to be delivered by mail, insurance companies can now quickly purchase a car accident report online and receive a single consolidated bill at the end of the month for the reports they ordered.

Learn more about TRACView's ( Accient Report System and how it can revolutionize your paper accident reports today.


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